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1. Before you drink alcohol, drink lots of fruit juice or water, because alcohol acts as a diuretic and causes dehydration. Staying hydrated can minimize the severity of a hangover.

2. Eat a healthy, carbohydrate and proteine rich meal. The food will increase metabolism, activate alcohol absorption and and lessen it's effects on you.

3. Eating foods rich in vitamins B and C will limit nutrient loss later on.

4. There is suggestion that drinking pear fruit extract several hours prior to drinking will reduce the symptoms of a hangover.

5. Drinking milk can coat your stomach and reduce alcohol absorption.

6. Some say, that aspirin taken before alcohol consumption can mitigate a hangover (questionable).

7. Take a Berocca before you start drinking. It will give you a reserve of Vitamin B.

8. Taurine taken before, during, or after alcohol consumption can minimise the liver damage and ward off a hangover.

9. Prepare your favorite hangover remedy for the morning (unless you're certain you'll be capable of operating a blender in the morning).

10. You can try one of the many anti-hangover products found at drug stores.

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